Advance Care Planning

Do you know what healthcare treatments you would and would not want if you could not speak for yourself?
Do other people know what your wishes are?

While making medical care decisions is not always simple, it is very important to ensure that your health care decisions and wishes are clearly noted and communicated. It is your right to participate and plan for your care. Exeter Hospital and its affiliates want to ensure that all adults in our community who are able to make decisions have the information and opportunity they need to communicate and document their healthcare decisions.

We urge our community members to make future healthcare decisions known to family, friends and healthcare providers.  Share your wishes and complete your Advance Directives, because…YOUR DECISIONS MATTER.

If you feel you need further assistance, join our workshop "Having the Conversation: Talking About and Planning Your Wishes for Future Healthcare" presented by HealthReach Community Education of Exeter Hospital.  The workshop is FREE and you must register to reserve your space. 

Read the article “5 years after Schiavo, Few Make End-of-Life Plans”  by Matt Sedensky, Associated Press; published on March 30, 2010Terri Schiavo’s case highlighted the need for Americans to create Advance Directives. Schiavo collapsed with heart failure that resulted in massive brain damage, leaving her in a vegetative state. Her husband opposed her parents’ wishes to keep her on life support and the case was taken to court. Fifteen years after Shiavo’s collapse, a judge ruled in favor of her husband’s wishes to remove her feeding tube and allow her to die.

At the time Sedensky’s article was published, only an estimated 20 to 30 percent of adults in America had an advance directive in writing. Advanced Care Planning Video by "Speak Up"  
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