At Exeter Hospital we provide conservative treatment for hip, knee and shoulder patients ranging from non-surgical to joint replacement.

Joint Replacement at Exeter Hospital provides a comprehensive, patient-driven surgical process assisting patients to regain mobility and relieve pain. Our recovery and rehabilitative program is designed to help patients achieve their maximum potential following joint replacement. The focus is on attending to our patients' needs from the moment surgery is scheduled through the completion of the rehabilitation process. Choosing to undergo joint replacement can be a big step. We understand and we'll be with you, every step of the way.

Joint Replacement surgery is one of the most common and successful treatments for certain types of arthritis in the hip or knee. The most common cause of pain is osteoarthritis, which occurs when the cartilage between bones wears away. Arthritis deteriorates the joints surrounding cartilage, causing great pain, immobility and stiffness. Joint Replacement surgery replaces the deteriorated joint and cartilage with artificial joints created with the latest technology.

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A Single Point of Contact

We provide the convenience of a single point of contact from surgery through recovery. Each patient is assigned an Orthopedic Care Specialist to take the patient from start to finish. Our patient centered approach results in:

  • The highest level of patient care and planning with a streamlined health delivery process
  • A unique, individual and personalized treatment approach
  • Better coordination and efficiency of the patients' surgical experience before, during and after hospitalization
  • The reduction or elimination of unnecessary steps and inconvenience


An Experienced Team

The team of the Joint Replacement Center at Exeter Hospital, delivers treatments that are innovative, advanced, and in many cases unavailable anywhere else in the Seacoast Region. We provide comprehensive treatment ranging from non-surgical to joint replacement. Our goal is to provide the best medical care and streamline recovery so patients can return to normal activity as soon as possible. Our team of skilled professionals includes:

  • An Orthopedic Care Specialist to assist with care from start to finish
  • Surgeons Thomas McGovern, MD and  A. Neil Clerk, MD specializing in hip, knee and shoulder joint replacement
  • Highly trained and specialized orthopedic surgical team
  • Orthopedic Nurse Case Manager for your inpatient stay and homebound transition
  • Specially trained and certified Orthopedic Care Nurses
  • Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation therapists
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Who We Are

The Orthopedic Specialists of the Joint Replacement Center at Exeter Hospital blend modern technology with compassionate care to provide the latest in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for the patient. This center of excellence is a result of strong patient outcomes because of advanced diagnostic capabilities, state of the art treatment, an integrated team approach, a strong rehabilitation program, monitoring of quality standards and an emphasis on patient education.

State of the Art Orthopedic Surgical Suites and Advanced Technology

Ortho Technology

One of the newest advances in joint replacement is the MAKO robotic arm and computer assisted surgery using navigation equipment for joint replacement. Thomas McGovern, MD uses this technology to accurately track, analyze, and monitor instruments to an individual's anatomy during a surgical procedure, which in turn enhances the patient outcome. Joint replacement surgery is performed in our state of the art and dedicated orthopedic surgical suites.


Our comprehensive program ensures you receive the best possible care. The comprehensive pre-operative approach to patient assessment will help the team understand as much as possible about a patient's medical condition, lifestyle, goals and expectations. Here is how the program works.

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Thomas McGovern, MD, a joint replacement specialist, uses the new MAKO robotic arm for partial and full knee replacements.

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Dr. Thomas McGovern is experienced in anterior hip replacement, a newer, minimally invasive technique that has replaced the standard posterior approach. “Anterior” refers to the front. In this surgery, only one small incision is made on the front of the hip to perform the replacement. Additionally, this allows the surgeon to simply separate the muscles, rather than cutting and reattaching them to access the joint. Less trauma to the muscle tissue means a faster recovery, less weakness and no restrictions on activity.

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If non-surgical treatments such as medications or changes in your activities are no longer helpful in relieving your shoulder pain, you may want to consider shoulder joint replacement surgery.

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Preparing for surgery includes preparing your home. It is important for an easier and safer recovery process. Preparing your home before surgery makes less work for your family while you are in the hospital and also makes your discharge smoother.

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Rapid Recovery is a combination of medicines used before, during and after surgery to minimize pain and maximize a patient’s ability to get up and get moving following surgery.

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On this page, you can download the Pre-Surgical Joint Class presentation.

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