Oncology Pharmacy

Located within the Center for Cancer Care at Exeter Hospital is a pharmacy dedicated to providing all patients with safe and accurate chemotherapy, drug information regarding their therapy, and other information as needed. Pharmacists also review each patient's current medication history to optimize therapy. Patients are encouraged to seek information from the pharmacist regarding any questions that may arise during their course of treatment.

Pharmacists, in conjunction with physicians and nurses, review all orders for drugs to verify accuracy, then mix these products utilizing national standards. Verification of drug therapy is accomplished by reviewing each order against accepted treatment regimens. All pharmacists are licensed by the state board of Pharmacy of New Hampshire.

Oncology Pharmacists

Exeter Hospital has two board certified oncology pharmacists (BCOP), who are dedicated to the needs of patients at the hospital's Center for Cancer Care. This certification requires experience working in the oncology field as well as an extensive knowledge about scientific studies, clinical trials, and other related information specific to oncology needs. The exam process is so rigorous, there are only 8 board certified oncology pharmacists in the state of NH.

Mary Ann Ellis, Pharm. D, BCOP is Coordinator of Oncology Pharmacy. She received her BS in Pharmacy from Northeastern University, and went on to earn a Pharm. D. degree and complete a PGY-1 from St. Louis College of Pharmacy. She achieved her BCOP in 2008 and has worked at Exeter Hospital’s pharmacy department since 2003 with a career focused on oncology.

Lisa Radermacher, RPh, BCOP received her BS in Pharmacy from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and has spent her career working in community hospital pharmacy, including oncology.  She has been with Exeter Hospital since 2006, and accepted a full time position in oncology in 2009. She achieved her BCOP in 2014.