The Art of Living Well with a Serious Illness

Living with a serious illness can be challenging for you and your family. You may have fears about the future, uncontrolled symptoms, complex medical decisions,  concerns about your future, and frequent trips to the doctor’s offices, emergency room, or hospital. 

Receiving the best care possible is not only about addressing your disease, but also about attending to you as a whole person, improving quality of life, controlling symptoms (such as pain, breathlessness, nausea), and addressing your emotional, spiritual and social concerns.

We are experts in symptom management, as well as in helping you and your family ensure your voice and preferences are honored as we co-design treatment to align with your goals.  Working as part of your care team we identify the right level of in-home medical and nursing support to help you receive the care you want, in the location you want. 

Please ask a member of your care team if you wish to speak with a palliative care team member.


Palliative Care Brochure

Kristina Conner, MD, is Chief of Palliative Care Services.



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