Breast Biopsy Options

QP_NapBC_AccredBreastCent_VERT_rgb-(1).jpg A mammogram or ultrasound can locate an irregular area, but can not tell whether the area is cancerous. A breast biopsy will remove cells and or small pieces of tissue. Looking at suspicious tissue under the microscope, the pathologist is able to see details that tell if the area is cancerous or benign (normal).  Most breast biopsies turn out to be normal.  About 80%, or 4 out of 5, breast biopsies show benign tissue.


The Center for Breast Health offers comprehensive technology to perform breast biopsy procedures.  Our radiologists work with your primary care provider and surgeon to insure the most accurate and least invasive method of biopsy is planned.  Our staff will guide you through every step answering all your questions and making sure you receive prompt and timely care.  Your desire for the least amount of waiting time is our primary concern.

Biopsy Options