Why Join the Nurse Residency Program at Exeter Hospital? 
The overall goal of Exeter Hospital’s Nurse Residency Program is to prepare the new Graduate Nurse with the required knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to function competently and independently.  Educators and topic experts use a variety of learning techniques, both in the classroom and at the bedside, to increase technical skill as well as increase confidence, engagement, and critical thinking skills. 

The residency focuses not only on acquisition of the clinical skills needed to provide safe, quality care, but also helps in developing communication, organization, and prioritization skills.  There are opportunities to develop relationships with colleagues through facilitated support sessions integrated into the courses.  The combination of clinical and emotional support is essential in the successful transition from new graduate to professional nurse.

Exeter Hospital’s Nurse Residency Program is designed to be interprofessional and according to best-practice standards and seeks to:
  • provide emotional and clinical support to effectively guide through transition
  • promote teamwork and interprofessional communication and collaboration
  • establish clinical competence within a culture of continuous quality and safety
  • integrate current and best evidence into practice 
  • facilitate retention

Nurse Managers, preceptors, and Professional Development Specialists (PDS) work in partnership to assist the Nurse Resident to complete the program in its entirety and assimilate to the clinical area.