Scope of Service

Maternal Fetal Medicine

  • Consultation with a perinatologist for medical and/or obstetrical problems such as diabetes, abnormal fetal structure, multiple pregnancy and patients who have a history of prior preterm delivery, incompetent cervix, pregnancy-induced hypertension, preterm labor/delivery, second or third trimester loss and other previous pregnancy complications.  Consultation is also offered for patients who have elevated body mass index (BMI) and have risks associated with obesity during pregnancy
  • Genetic counseling for advanced maternal age, abnormal serum screen (quad screen/AFP), family history of a genetic disorder or drug exposure
  • First trimester screening for potential genetic defects such as Down Syndrome.  We offer MaterniT21, a cell-free fetal DNA blood test to patients with appropriate indication
  • Level II ultrasound 
  • Amniocentesis (a procedure that screens for chromosome abnormalities, inherited diseases or lung maturity in the fetus)
  • Assist in scheduling at Brigham & Women’s Hospital of chorionic villi sampling (CVS) procedures, if recommended
  • Assist in scheduling recommended services at Boston Children’s Hospital