What is the Critical Care Fellowship (CCF)?
A twelve-month, precepted program specially designed to provide nurses new to the specialty of critical care with the foundational knowledge and skills required to competently care for patients in a variety of critical care settings including:   Intensive Care Unit, Progressive Care Unit, Emergency Department,  Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, and Cardiac Catheterization Lab.

Program Highlights:
  • Evidence-based
  • Competency-based
  • Blended learning modalities including online modules,  didactic, and experiential learning activities
  • Facilitated by clinical experts

Who Should Attend the Critical Care Fellowship?
  • Any nurse hired to a critical care area who is new to the specialty of critical care
  • Nurses interested in career advancement to a critical care area**
What are the Program Requirements?
  • In order to enroll in the CCF, nurses must have either:
    • completed the EH Nurse Residency Program or
    • have at least one I year recent nursing experience
  • Take the BKAT exam (pre/post)
  • Minimum number of participants to run the program  is 4 (and no more than 8)
How Long is the CCF?
The CCF would kick off in the fall and would run over 6 months.
  • Months 1-6 (Knowledge Acquisition):  Participants would complete all 10 online modules which correlate to each of the body systems ,  attend all planned classes (at least 10), plus attend  various simulated events to augment learning (all would be mandatory). 
  • Months 7-12 (Application):  Focus would be on fostering role development, skill acquisition, and competency validation in partnership with a preceptor.
Possible Program Schedule:
  • Minimum  6 months
  • Build in dedicated learning time for online modules
  • Build in CCF-associated classroom/simulation time once a month (variable and relevant to all critical care areas;  i.e., vent management, drip management, ABGs, etc…)

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