What patients say about our nurses:

“I was admitted to the ER for a kidney infection, unknown to me at the time. Nurse Meagan brought me to my room, she was very very kind. I was nervous, and she managed to make me feel at ease and even laughed at my jokes. She was respectful of me and my mother who accompanied me. When she took my blood samples she was nice enough to explain to me what was going on and what they were looking to find from them. My second nurse, I forget her name, was just going through the motions of helping me but Meagan was a pleasure to be helped by when I didn't know what was going on.”

“I received two cortisone injections in my back under the care of Dr. Ashton Stanton.  I am writing to tell you how incredible the women were who cared for me both in the waiting area and in the treatment room.  They were gentle, organized and patient, and clearly were focused on my well-being.  I have had nothing but positive experiences at Exeter Hospital and I wanted to commend these particular employees.  The names that I remember are Joanne and Lisa, but there were at least three more who names I didn't learn.  Thank you for allowing me to thank them.”
“I just wanted to comment on the employees that ushered me through my stress test May 25th and 29th. Everyone (receptionist, nurses and camera technicians) were friendly, professional and efficient. I really appreciated the RN,  Jeannie, explaining the entire process to me and keeping me relaxed with conversation during a short wait for a second nurse.”

“I would like to let you know what a positive experience myself and my niece had in the ER. I was particularly impressed with an RN named Jason.  He listened, processed and acted in a most professional and reassuring manner.  Everyone we came in contact with was outstanding.  It is a blessing to see such a blend of expertise and kindness. Many thanks.”

“I just had a procedure with Dr Feeney and Nurse Laura. I just want to let you know what a wonderful staff you have working at your facility.  Their kindness and professionalism is greatly appreciated. I will refer anyone that I know to here.”
“The staff in the PCU are among the best nurses that we know. They were all very compassionate, helpful and attentive every minute my husband was in their care.”
“The nurses in the ICU are also among the best of the best.”
“The nurses that administered the chemotherapy infusions were some of the most compassionate individuals I have ever met.”