Department of Transportation (DOT)Program

The COEH certified staff can assist with DOT physical exams, drug and alcohol testing, random selections services, supervisory training as well as a Substance Abuse Professional.

DOT Physical Examination:

The goal of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) is to promote and preserve the highest level of professional standards, training and care among medical examiners.  Therefore, the National Registry requires that medical examiners performing CMV driver examinations be trained and certified. COEH providers are certified and experienced DOT Medical Examiners.

The FMCSA has revised the medical examination form with an effective date of April 20, 2016.  This new form will impact drivers, employers, and the medical examiners. COEH is ready to transition to the new form to keep the medical examination process running efficiently.  The new form will collect additional driver information, it has new qualification categories, and a new exam will be required to extend short term certificates.

To keep drivers productive and working, employers/drivers should review the specific changes to the new form and be prepared for their medical examination:

  • Schedule appointments in a timely manner
  • Drivers with sleep apnea, who are on a CPAP machine, should bring a data printout for the three (3) months prior to their appointment
  • Diabetic (Type 1 or 2) should bring a copy of their most recent A1c
  • Complete medication lists with dosages and frequency

Drug and Alcohol Testing:

COEH uses a SAMHSA/DHHS Certified Laboratory with Certified Drug Screen Collectors and Breath Alcohol Test (BAT) Collectors.

Drug and Alcohol Random Selection Service:

Two options available to meet regulatory standards for random selection programs:

DOT Small Business Consortium

COEH manages a random selection pool for independent contractors, small and mid size companies.  Benefits of the COEH consortium include a substance abuse policy template, random selection services, record maintenance, statistical reports, and supervisory training as well as discounted drug tests.

Do you fall under DOT regulations for Drug and Alcohol testing? Click here for more information.

Independent DOT / Non-DOT Company's random selection program independently.

COEH can manage your individual program whether federally mandated or to meet specific company policy.

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

COEH provides a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) as part of the services available to employers that must comply with DOT Alcohol & Drug regulations.  A SAP has been trained in the knowledge required by the DOT to complete SAP evaluations for employees who have violated the DOT Alcohol & Drug rules, as defined in their company policy.  Such evaluations can only be done by clinicians who have this designation and have stayed current with the DOT required continuing education.  COEH's SAP can provide the documentation necessary to prove this designation.  Health Watch EAP clients are eligible for this service for free, while others can pay the fee-for-service cost.

DOT Alcohol & Drug Supervisory Training

The COEH Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) facilitates the mandated supervisory training as required as part of the DOT Alcohol & Drug rules.  This two hour training is held in the spring and the fall in the greater Exeter area for the convenience of seacoast employers.  All supervisors who oversee CDL drivers are required to attend at least one of these trainings.