Post-Rehabilitation Training

Are you recovering from injury and need help getting stronger? Our post-rehabilitation program is designed specifically for you. The Athletic Performance Center is an extension of the out-patient rehabilitation department of Exeter Hospital. Our staff has numerous years of experience working directly with physicians, pain management specialists, therapists, athletic trainer and more. Through extensive communication with these specialist and our unique individualized approach, we are able to develop programs to keep you progressing. We have experience with a wide variety of orthopedic injuries such as ACL repair, joint sprains, fractures, joint replacement surgery, rotator cuff injury, low back pain, post-pregnancy, osteoporosis, auto-immune disorders, chronic pain syndromes, balance difficulty, general deconditioning, postural correction and so much more. Post-rehabilitation sessions are semi-private and/or private and start as low as $25 per hour. Contact us today to see if we can help you get back on track.