Life offers few experiences more moving than the birth of a child. “Having a baby" - those three simple words cannot do justice to the excitement, nervousness and reward that surrounds giving birth at Exeter Hospital’s Family Center. The center’s team of affiliated physicians, midwives, nurses and staff are committed to providing the best care and support for mother and baby before, during and after the birth.

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Eliminating early elective deliveries has been identified by patient safety groups and hospital leaders as a major patient safety initiative. The procedure can lead to serious complications for both the mother and baby, including admission to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Exeter Hospital, through its collaboration in a Hospital Engagement Network run by the American Hospital Association's Health Research & Educational Trust, has reduced its rate of early elective deliveries from 35 percent to zero. In this special report, see how the hospital pursued this ambitious patient safety goal.

No Joke: More Moms Can Choose Laughing Gas During Deliver (Union Leader, June 21, 2015)

Discharge Instructions This information is not meant to replace advice given by your healthcare provider.  If you have any questions, please contact your healthcare provider. For Mom:After you return home, you may experience...

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Frequently Asked QuestionsCan you tell the gender of my baby by the baby's heart rate?No. Some say that the baby's heart rate is an indication of the gender, but we have found that it is not an accurate indicator.How long...

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"Having a baby." Those three simple words cannot do justice to the excitement and reward that surrounds giving birth.

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The Family Center at Exeter Hospital offers a wide variety of classes to help prepare for the birth of your baby. Below is a brief description of each class.

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