Client Testimonials

As trainers at the Athletic Performance Center of Exeter Hospital, we enjoy seeing the progress our athletes make as they participate in our programs.  Here are some of the stories they have shared with us about their experience.

Dave A.

"In early 2016 I sustained a knee injury skiing.  I tore my ACL, MCL and had cartilage damage.  I was treated by another orthopedic surgeon who did a really great job on my knee.  My recovery slow however.  My Physical Therapist was patient and helpful.  However, he recorded my recover in my files as better that my knee felt to me.  After only a couple months of PT I was told I was recovered and my insurance would no longer pay for PT.  At the point my insurance was cut off I I felt like my knee was 30-40% recovered.  So I sought PT that I would pay for myself with another PT service provider - Exeter Hospitals Athletic Performance Center and Matt Szelog.  Matt did an evaluation and gave me real the feedback that I was not fully recovered.  He developed a recovery plan for and worked with me over the coming months.  He was flexible with my schedule, and continued to give me honest feedback until I felt I was comfortable with the state of my knee. 
Matt Szelog is an exceptional Trainer and I would recommend him , Exeter Hospital and their Athletic Performance Center to anyone that need a serious professional to help them reach their PT goals."


Joe H.

"I am thrilled to have APC of Exeter in my life. I have been going to APC for over a year. My strength and balance is back and I feel great. Matt is a great trainer and motivator. His training programs are geared around my needs. He is able to adjust the program if I have an injury. Even if the injury is half way thru the program."
"If you want to be in great shape, have fun and feel good about yourself...sign up now!!!


Caroline W.

"I have been training at the Athletic Performance Center for the past two years. Through training at the AP Center, I have become a stronger and more confident athlete. Every workout is challenging and always beneficial. The trainers commitment and dedication pushes me in becoming a better and more well rounded athlete. Their willingness to help me reach and maintain my goals is greatly admired. Training at the Athletic Performance Center has significantly enhanced my athletic performance."


Lauren Triglione, Soccer

"In preparation for playing Division 1 soccer at Quinnipiac University, I told Matt that I wanted to be quicker, faster, and stronger. When I completed my last session this summer, I left with much more than that. Not only did Matt help me become quicker, faster, and stronger, but I left confident in my ability in the weight room. For every new exercise, Matt took the time to teach me proper form - something that is often overlooked on a larger D1 team because of the lack of time and large ratio between trainer and players. The individual attention I received from the APC and their attention to detail has made me a better athlete on and off the field and I highly recommend Matt and the rest of APC staff to any athlete looking to improve."


Liam V. 18

"The Athletic Performance Center elevated by work ethic, stamina, speed, and weight training ability to another level. I am a freshman wide receiver at Saint Anselm College, with the training I received from the team, I am one of few freshman who rotate regularly with the starters. Without Matt and the program I would not be in the situation I am. I highly recommend their training."


Steve Grenier, 56

"I came to APC of Exeter Hospital in February after coming off 3 months of cardio rehab for a massive heart attack. After an assessment with the staff at APC and explaining what my cardiologist recommended for activity, they took the time to put together a plan that gave me the confidence I could once again train for life. They train the whole body, cardio and strength, prevention of injury is key. We all try hard on our own to stay in shape but for me the professionals at APC have give me the advice and training to enjoy any activity."


KT, 54

Long Distance Triathlon
"I started working with Matt about 1 year ago, as making time to really work on strength always seems to fall to the bottom of the list. A year later, I am stronger and more flexible and the results are coming through in all 3 sports. He makes getting it done easy and fun!"


Mike A.

"Matt was referred to us by Core Physicians after my son’s rehab from an injury in February 2016 that ended his indoor track season. Matt did an incredible job creating a Post-Rehab program that prepared my son for the upcoming spring track season that resulted in him qualifying and competing at the New Balance Nationals last June. I have continued to have my son train with Matt, and have referred multiple athletes to him, because of his expertise in his field, because he takes the time to tailor programs to individual athlete’s needs, and because he gets results. Matt knows how to get the best out of those participating in his programs and my son will be competing next year as a track and field student athlete for a D-1 school because Matt took the time and effort to overcome what potential was a career ending injury. Thanks Matt!!


Colleen C.

"My daughter started training with Matt four months ago. She initially started training with her Seacoast United team and has continued training with Matt on a weekly basis. The initial plan was for her to work on her speed and quickness. Matt has built strength and conditioning into her program, in order to help prevent injuries that many young female athletes are prone to. I would highly recommend Matt Szelog and the Athletic Performance Center!



"I highly recommend Matt Szelog and the Athletic Performance Center of Exeter Hospital. I have been working out with Matt for almost a year now. Matt has provided me with the encouragement to push myself harder than I ever have pushed myself. He designed a program for me that met my needs and worked around an old knee injury. As a result, I feel healthier and stronger than I ever have before. I have done both small group training and well as the adult fitness classes and have really enjoyed both. Matt will definitely work with you to achieve your fitness goals and will give you the personal attention that you need to be successful."


 Dorothy D.

"I started training with Taylor in May 2016, hoping to add to my daily walking routine.  He was very complete in his assessment and created an exercise routine that was challenging and left me feeling stronger and fitter.  This past summer I injured my ankle and he worked closely with my physical therapist Dawn to develop a program for overall fitness as well as ankle strengthening.  I firmly believe that his close attention to detail allowed me to recover faster. I trust his judgement completely.  He works very hard to keep the work outs interesting and challenging.   The facility itself is excellent with a wide variety of equipment and weights and is always very clean.  I have recommended Taylor and the Athletic Performance Center to my colleague’s at work, I would love to see the program grow.    In short, exceptional program and exceptional trainer."


 Joe H.

"I had a full hip replacement this past April.  I soon scheduled my PT at Exeter Hospital located in Hampton. During my 8-week PT I noticed a program for post PT in the adjacent facility.  I decided to sign up and I met Matt.  The program Matt developed for me was well planned. It is amazing how Matt's program has advanced me from basic stretching and mobility exercise to a very challenging and satisfying work out.  Not only does Matt do a great job training, he has a genuine caring for me and his encouragement during some pretty intense sets makes him very special.  My main goal was to get my flexibility, strength and balance back. I wanted to get back to surfing. After about 3 months with Matt I am back surfing.  I look forward to continuing here for a long time.  I would highly recommend Matt and Athletic Performance Center to anyone with a desire to feel better about their overall wellbeing."


 Lori W.

"The Athletic Performance Center of Exeter is a wonderful exercise program. The increase in my strength and endurance has been amazing over the past 18 months.  Erica is a very knowledgeable athletic trainer and makes sure you are doing the exercises correctly and with proper form so there is no injury. I can see physical results and feel much stronger in my core than when I started the program.  After having a setback from knee surgery this past winter, I am still able to work out with modifications to many of the exercises.  Erica makes the workouts fun and challenging and can modify each exercise to your specific needs. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to build strength, endurance and get fit!"


Mike M.

"Our daughter suffered a major injury to her quad last September. The final step in her return to the field was a 16 session strength and conditioning program presented by the Athletic Performance Center of Exeter Hospital. We chose the Rim location for it’s proximity to the adjacent soccer facility and out patient rehab center. I can not say enough about either location. Matt Szelog and Erin Dixon were not only a pleasure to work with, they knew exactly what our daughter needed to complete her recovery and become a stronger, more balanced athlete. They present an extremely positive atmosphere, while working their clients vigorously. Our daughter looked forward to each session and always left with a smile and well wishes for Matt and Erin. She informed us she has never been stronger, and it shows on the field. Not only do I strongly recommend the varied programs they offer, we will be joining them again, this summer, in preparation for the High School season. While we hope our daughter is finished with major injuries, and realize there are no guarantees, these programs are clearly the absolute best way to minimize that possibility. Conversely, if an injury does occur, Matt and Erin will not only make you stronger, and better conditioned, they will restore your confidence as well.We couldn’t recommend a better place to do it. Thanks very much."


Kyle S.

"I trained with Matt over the summer for only 1 month and it clearly showed during my soccer season. After soccer, I trained for 4 months in order to get ready for my baseball season. Matt helped me strengthen my arm, made me faster/quicker, and all around stronger. I hit a 54 inch box jump over the summer and by the end of my 4 months, I was able to get a 60.5 inch box jump. I highly  recommend training at Athletic Performance Center with Matt if you are trying to become a better athlete and achieve goals out of reach. "


P. Kratimenos

"I've been working with Matt Szelog for a year or so and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Matt is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. He makes each workout challenging and creative. He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy and my balance and flexibility have improved immensely. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Matt will lead you every step of the way.
Thanks Matt!"


Female, Age 36 

"I first began training with Taylor in September 2015. The results were rapid and within a couple weeks I noticed clothes fitting better and more overall energy. The Adult Fit classes run by Taylor are intense and as difficult as you make it. Taylor is attentive to the individual and gently pushes to get you further than you thought possible. He is quick to change exercises and watches to make sure you won't be injured. Taylor adjusts each exercise as needed, even with one hand.

After a couple months of Adult Fit, it was an easy decision to add a small group session with Taylor. Completely different from Adult Fit, Taylor doesn't disappoint. Taking individual to the next level and setting up a full body work out for each person. Being 36, and a mother of a 3 and 5 year old, has taken a toll on my body. Signing up with APC, and being lucky enough to fall into Taylor's hands, brought back the confidence I forgot existed. Through consistent positive feedback and encouragement, Taylor will get you to where you want to be. I highly recommend anyone to take these classes and feel fabulous again."


Chris Grippo - proudly giving Matt Szelog and Taylor Chace the "Thumbs Up"

"Caius entered the foundation program as an active and athletic 10 year old, but needed to build confidence and intensity as well as endurance and strength.  The Foundation program has further developed his athletic abilities for football, soccer and even surfing.  He has developed more speed and strength, balance and agility, and confidence. It has also trimmed him down a bit.  It has taught him that he can easily push beyond his limits.  And most important he has had lots of fun.  So much so he has asked when the next session of Foundation starts.  Sign up your kid - neither of you will be disappointed, rather you will be amazed."


Terence Carter, SUSC Phantoms, Northeastern College

"Since I have been working with Matt and Mike I have vastly improved in a lot of areas.  I'm faster and stronger than ever before.  Including a 325lbs deadlift and 185 front squats.  Also with their help I was also able to dunk which I could not do before, but always wanted to do.  The guys both took care of me with any questions or issues I had and were great fun to work with.  They really pushed me to want to get fitter and stronger and I thank them.  It is really going to benefit me for my college season."


Dominic Colman, SUSC Phantoms, William Carey College Goal Keeper

"After working out at the APC with Matt and Mike I have felt a huge difference in my performance as a goalkeeper.  I can cover much more ground in a much quicker time!  My vertical leap improved 5 inches within 5 weeks of training!  I am in great shape and I owe a lot of it to the guys at the APC." 


Chris Coates

"I have done personal and group training with Mike and Matt from APC for the last 2 1/2 months and have seen tremendous results.  My waist line has shrunk, I have more muscle tone, and I have a new found motivation to work out.  The staff members of APC are qualified, motivating and help you reach your individual fitness and diet goals.  I would highly recommend training with them." 


Nichole (mother) of Lacrosse Goalkeeper

"My son, Oliver, is an active teenager.  About a year ago he injured his shoulder playing lacrosse and was put on full rest for 3 months.  As an active kid, he needed to find a way to play again competitively without permanently injuring himself.  Luckily, we found Matt at the APC which has helped transform my son's lacrosse game.  Over the past 3 months Matt has shown Oliver how to properly workout while helping him build muscle and strength to be an effective lacrosse goalie.  Thanks to Matt, Oliver has been able to boost his knowledge, strength and discipline while having fun at the same time."  


Sam A. is an 11 year old 5th grader from North Hampton, NH

“I hated my first time going to strength and conditioning. I did not want to come back, but because of Matt I have signed up 3 more times. I give Matt and his strength and conditioning class at the APC 5 stars. He is amazing and I love seeing the changes it has made to me. He is a lot of fun and made me feel confident in myself.”


Michael Moore – Small Group Training Client

“I want to offer my recommendation for Matt Szelog and the Exeter Hospital Athletic Training Center program.  I have been participating in small group training with Matt for 6 months.  The program has helped me get my weight in better control and  develop my total body strength and fitness to levels I have  never experienced.  Matt has done a great job of adapting his program to my fitness needs taking into account my existing healthy and injury situation including a torn rotator cuff in my throwing shoulder.  Despite this injury, I am throwing harder and running faster than I could prior to participation in the program.”


Ara – Transform for Life Client

“Thanks to Athletic Performance Center at Exeter Hospital and their Transform for Life Program, I lost     28 lbs in three months. I dropped two sizes in my jeans, put on clothes I had long “outgrown” and strengthened my muscles to decrease joint pain. Our instructor Erica’s encouraging and knowledgeable direction led our group through strength and cardio training and changes in nutrition. I recommend this program to anybody looking to get strong and healthy, safely!”


Raquel – 34 Year Old Flanker for a Seacoast Rugby Team

“I play a competitive sport (D2- USA Rugby). The game of Rugby is 80 minutes without breaks or timeouts and this takes a toll on a 34 year old body. About a year ago, I rolled both my ankles in a game which ended my season short. With the help at APC and trainer Matt Szelog, he developed a program to help build muscle, maintain my strength and endurance. At first, I was weak and not as strong as I was at 21. This was considerable noticeable and a blow to my ego. I couldn’t do one standard push-up without quivering. I couldn’t complete the warm-up without being out of breath. This is not acceptable, I’m an athlete! With Matt’s help, he pushed me to go further and do more. His program has transformed my body and my mental state. Now, 1 year later, at the ripe-old-age of  34, I can hit harder; I can complete over 40 push-ups without stopping; I can bench press a considerable amount; I can squat 225 lbs, and I’m not out of breath after warm-ups. Oh, and the sweating part isn’t bad! Now, I’m excited for team practices. I’m excited to workout 4 days a week. I’m impressed with my muscle gain; sometimes. I have muscle problems and can’t put on a fitted shirt, but again, muscle problems! Things that I didn’t even consider but have noticed is that I’m more flexible. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I leave APC. Thank you!”

Rosalind Jones – Freshmen member of Occidental College Women’s Soccer team

“Working with Matt and the other staff at the AP was a wonderful experience. The program was accelerated and informative, and I noticed a significant difference in my agility and endurance.

The staff were all very knowledgeable and encouraging, which created the perfect atmosphere. The training was personalized to fit my own fitness level and goals which was a welcome change from other programs I had participated in.

I would highly recommend training at the AP for anyone wishing to push themselves and get into fighting shape.”


Alex Ryan SUCS Phantoms – Center Mid

“Matt and Mike worked with me while I was playing PDL with Seacoast United this summer. Their knowledge is second to none and helped developed me as an athlete by using power sport related exercises. Not only are they great people, their ability to highlight weaknesses and then improve them is superb!

Working with both Matt and Mike this summer was incredibly beneficial. They are by far the most knowledgeable S and C coaches I have worked with. I would thoroughly recommend any athlete to train with them!

Thanks again for all your help with summer!”


Amanda Singleton, Hampton, NH

“Matt at Athletic Performance Center is beyond awesome. Before going to the APC I met with several trainers in the Seacoast area. As a former competitive athlete, I just couldn’t find one person that had all the energy, knowledge and insight I was looking for in a trainer. After my first session with Matt I knew my search was over.

Matt knows how to keep me motivated during and between workouts. He sets the bar high enough that I make notable progress each week, without ever feeling like I pushed it too far. He is incredibly in-tune to how the body works and with his seemingly minor adjustments I can feel a major difference and I know I am getting the most out of my workouts.

Not only am finally effective when exercising, I feel great doing it. Before I started training with Matt my back was weak and always pain, now I am so much stronger and I am nearly pain free!

Training with Matt at APC was the best investment I have made in a very long time!”


Macolm Mclean, SUSC Phantoms – Mid Field

“Working with Matt and Mike through the summer proved to very beneficial for my progress as a soccer player. I started the season with having one of the worst flexibility in the team and by the end after all the work both of them did with me I had improved in every aspect. I felt sharper and fitter and also gained 5 inches in my vertical jump. Matt and mike were the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever dealt with and would recommend either of them to any athlete who is looking to improve in their chosen sport. Matt and mike were very friendly and understood that every player was different and made everyone’s programs specific. I look forward to working with them throughout the fall and winter. Due to there expertise I improved so much that I was offered an extension in my contract with seacoast and I believe that their work with me helped me get the job.

Thanks again guys you have helped me progress so much! Look forward to seeing and working with you soon.”


Sara, Exeter NH

“The team at The Athletic Performance Center of Exeter Hospital creates personalized and measurable programs. They are friendly and knowledgeable, providing the right corrective exercises and workouts to obtain fitness goals. They work as hard as you do to keep training new and challenging, while measuring your progress through the process. I recommend Matt and his team for anyone looking for corrective exercises, flexibility, strength training, and weight loss. These guys are professional, knowledgeable and make working out fun.”


Mike McDonnell – Director, Great Bay Volleyball Club

“Thanks for providing a program for the athletes of Great Bay Volleyball. In-house conditioning is going to be a great benefit and a definite advantage for the club. Players are already reporting great results. I received this from a parent just the other day;

‘Mike, [My Daughter] is really enjoying the sports conditioning. I believe she is beginning to see the results and now understands the significance of what she is doing and the direct results on her volleyball performance. (Matt had them do their vertical again and she was two inches higher!!…)’

From our perspective, this is a great value and an essential component of reducing the risk of injury to our players. Beyond the improved performance on the court, we believe your program is helping to promote healthy minds and bodies while fostering great habits for everyday life.”

Keep up the great work!”


Peter Maher – Former UMaine Black Bear Hockey Player & Father

“APC has given my son a better understanding of proper mechanics when performing his strength and conditioning drills. We can see the results in his core and balance. The instructors have a nice balance of engagement with the athletes which only encourages them to intensify their individual workouts.”


Pam & Seth Hampton, NH

“Adult fitness class is a great experience! We love the people we work out with and the class is challenging for all levels. In a short time both of us saw improvements in our level of fitness.”


Brian J. Moran

“Needing to prepare my body for the rigors of additional Cancer treatment, I spoke with Matt Szelog at the Athletic Performance Center about an overall strength based program that would help sustain my physical health throughout the extended treatment process. Matt’s experience and knowledge were invaluable. He not only defined a strength development program but also assisted me with nutritional recommendations and overall cardio fitness. Since I’ve been working under Matt’s guidance my physical conditioning and fitness have never been better! Matt, like the entire team at Athletic Performance Center, promotes overall body wellness and is extremely caring and personable. I’m appreciative for the difference Matt has made in my personal fitness and life."