Exeter Hospital's Michael & Jeanne Falzone Center for Cancer Care

Working Together With Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

The Center for Cancer Care at Exeter Hospital provides cancer patients and their families with comprehensive, inpatient and outpatient oncology services in partnership with the nationally recognized Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center.

Accredited by the American College of Surgeon’s Commission on Cancer for achieving national benchmarks in quality care, the Center for Cancer Care offers leading Massachusetts General Hospital radiation oncologists and medical oncologists/hematologists onsite along with convenient access to Mass General’s world-renowned cancer specialists and research. In addition to consistently being ranked as having one of the top cancer centers, Massachusetts General Hospital was selected as the #2 hospital in America by US News & World Report in 2019, and is the only hospital among the 5,000 institutions evaluated to rank across all 16 specialities.

Comprehensive services provided at the Center for Cancer Care include radiation oncology, medical oncology/hematology and surgical oncology. Additional services, all offered onsite at Exeter Hospital include multidisciplinary clinics for breast, prostate and lung cancers, a nurse navigator to guide patients through the treatment and recovery process and genetic counseling and testing with a Mass General genetic counselor.

All cancer services are delivered with the individualized care and compassion Exeter Hospital has been nationally recognized for providing to its patients.

To learn more about the Center for Cancer Care at Exeter Hospital, call 603-580-6636.

Take a virtual tour of our new, expanded Michael and Jeanne Falzone Center for Care to see the beautiful, modern home we created, with the help of our generous donors, for our world-class cancer care close to home:
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Panos Fidias, MD
Director of Medical Oncology/Hematology
Eileen McDonald, Sr. Director
Center for Cancer Care
Virginia Osborn, MD
Medical Director for Radiation Oncology


Health Resources

Medical Oncology

Leading medical hematologists/oncologists specializing in the care and treatment of cancer and blood disorders.

Radiation Oncology

World-leading radiation oncologists overseeing the care of each cancer patient undergoing radiation treatment.

Surgical Oncology

Our Core surgeons work collaboratively with affiliated pathologists, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists to develop the most comprehensive treatment plans.

Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic

The Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic offers personalized treatment from a collaborative team of experts at the forefront of cancer care.

Multidisciplinary Thoracic Clinic

Individuals diagnosed with thoracic cancer streamline the evaluation and treatment process with the Multidisciplinary Thoracic Clinic.

Multidisciplinary Prostate Clinic

The Multidisciplinary Prostate Clinic offers personalized treatment from a collaborative team of experts at the forefront of cancer care.

Multidisciplinary Head and Neck/Thyroid Clinic

Click to learn more about our Head and Neck/Thyroid treatments.

Multidisciplinary Gastroenterology Clinic

Click to learn more about our Gastroenterology cancer clinic.

Cancer Wellness

A variety of programs offered to patients and their families at the Center for Cancer Care to support throughout all aspects of their cancer experience.

Nurse Navigator

A support system for cancer patients and their families to serve as a gateway to health services.

Clinical Trials Program

Several national and global studies offered to Exeter Hospital patients to participate in cutting-edge research without having to travel to Boston or Dartmouth.

Essential Cancer Screenings

Learn more about recommended cancer screenings in these short videos by our physicians and experts.

Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling services to determine a patient’s risk factors and promote prevention, early detection and intervention.

Grateful Patient Stories

Hear from those most thankful for the physicians and services at Exeter Hospital's Center for Cancer Care.

Lung Cancer Screening Program

Exeter Hospital’s Lung Cancer Screening Program provides low dose chest CT lung cancer screening and follows national, research-based standards to deliver team-based care and ongoing follow-up.

Reproduction After Cancer Cure

A full-service center offering comprehensive reproductive services. Nursing and physician staff walk patients through each step of their care and make them active participants.


At the Exeter Hospital’s Center for Cancer Care, we are dedicated to providing optimum care from the time of diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond.