Genetic Counseling

The Center for Cancer Care promotes prevention, early detection and intervention.  Genetic counselors from the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center offers genetic counseling services to determine a patient’s risk factors and make a recommended course of screenings, as well as lifestyle changes.


Meeting with genetic counselor to review personal history and family history of cancer.

Genetic testing via blood and/or saliva sample as appropriate.

Testing can be done for a specific cancer gene or a full panel, as necessary.

If test are positive, patients are provided with recommendations to help reduce the cancer risk, which may include more frequent cancer screenings, the use of alternate screening tests, risk-reducing surgery or medications.

Options for participating in research or clinical trials through Mass General.

Assistance with financial and insurance information.

Emotional support services for patients and their families.

For more information about genetic counseling, please call 603-580-7336.