Rapid Recovery

What is Rapid Recovery?

Rapid Recovery is a combination of medicines used before, during and after surgery to minimize pain and maximize a patient’s ability to get up and get moving following surgery.

What is the purpose of Rapid Recovery?

To improve pain control and achieve early mobility for total joint patients, which will lead to

• decreased pain
• decreased nausea
• accelerated post-operative rehabilitation
• optimum outcomes
• higher patient satisfaction

Why should you have Total Joint Replacement Surgery, with Rapid Recovery at Exeter Hospital?

• “Next Generation”, advanced pain management
• Early Ambulation, with progressive rehabilitation
• Comprehensive Pre-operative education program
• Potential for discharge on post-operative day 2 to 3
• Potential for discharge to home from the hospital
• Rapid Recovery Coaching Program
• Orthopedic Nurse Coordinator for program guidance
• Long Term follow-up