Program Content

For years, experts have known that the most effective weight management programs take a comprehensive approach that includes healthful eating, behavior management, and exercise. Your Weigh to Wellness takes this comprehensive approach with 8 weekly sessions and leading-edge topics that not only explain the most recent nutrition, behavior, and exercise science research and recommendations, but also give you the skills and motivation to apply these principles to your everyday life:

  • “The Brain Made Me Do It” and “Mindful Portion Control” explain why it’s so hard to resist some foods and give you strategies you can use to promote more positive eating behaviors, such as being aware of cues and avoiding “mindless eating.” 
  • “Be Carb Smart” and “Putting the Breaks on Bad Fats ” separate the facts from popular fads and fiction about carbohydrates, fats and protein to make balanced, healthy eating easier to understand and easier to do. 
  • “Don’t Just Sit There: Fun Ways to Get and Keep Moving!” covers the latest exercise recommendations for health and weight loss while keeping the fun in fitness, and provides tools to plan an exercise program and track weekly progress, whether you are new to physical activity or already exercise regularly.

Other weekly topics listed below give you helpful ways to reach and maintain your goals and enjoy healthy, delicious, real food in the real world:

  • Feeling Full on Fewer Calories
  • What about the Snack Attack? What’s the Big Deal about Breakfast?
  • Dining In and Dining Out for a Better Weigh