Multidisciplinary Prostate Clinic


Prostate cancer has many faces and every patient is different. Therefore, each treatment plan has to be carefully tailored to meet the individual patient’s needs. The Multidisciplinary Prostate Clinic at Exeter Hospital streamlines the evaluation process. Our team of experts accomplishes this together with the patient — all in one day. The clinic also includes information about any clinical trials available for the treatment of prostate cancer at Exeter Hospital.

The Multidisciplinary Prostate Clinic offers personalized treatment from a collaborative team of experts at the forefront of cancer care, including radiation oncologists and medical hematologist/oncologists from the nationally recognized Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center.

Multidisciplinary Team of Specialists

E. William Johnson, MD, MPH, Urologist
Cullen Jumper, MD, Urologist
Core Urology

Virginia Osborn, MD
Medical Director, Radiation Oncology 

 Panos Fidias, MD
Medical Director, Medical Oncology/Hematology

Cocav A. Rauwerdink, MD
Medical Oncology/Hematology



Ordinarily, meetings with surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and others can take weeks to complete. The Center for Cancer Care at Exeter Hospital schedules your consultations in a single morning. We’re the only treatment center in the region offering this service to patients.

During the appointment, patients and family members can listen, learn and discuss their concerns with several oncology specialists.  Second opinions are built into the multidisciplinary approach. Patients can feel confident they’ve investigated varied treatment options. 

Once a plan is developed, our team is ready to implement treatment in a timely manner.  The Center for Cancer Care sees patients as people whose emotional and physical concerns need attention as well. Our plans address all facets of the patient’s treatment needs.

Your multidisciplinary team of specialists includes New England’s leading oncologists and urologists, and has experts across the full range of diagnosis, treatment and recovery:

Urologic Surgeons Physical Therapist
Medical Oncologist Nurses
Radiation Oncologist Social Worker
Pathologist Patient Navigator
Radiologist Dietitian 


To make an appointment for the Multidisciplinary Prostate Clinic please call The Center for Cancer Care at (603)580-7337.


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