Allison Yeagle has been treated at Exeter Hospital since 2005, originally for breast cancer, and then later for metastatic breast cancer. She is greatly appreciative of the extended team of caring providers as well as having such high quality care close to home.

Jim Brennan was pleased with his surgical cancer treatment in Exeter. When he went for a second opinion about radiation at a large hospital out of state, he was surprised and pleased to be told that he could receive the same, high quality treatment right in Exeter, along with compassion and support every step of the way.

As a Marine, Bob Benoit was ready to do whatever it took to fight his cancer. It was important to him that he and his loved ones didn't have a long drive for his chemotherapy and radiation appointments. He was able to receive that comprehensive care in Exeter, from a team of providers that he credits with helping him get through it.

Elizabeth Bauman had great faith in her Exeter Hospital physicians when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and receiving treatment close to home meant that she was still able to spend the time she needed at home with her young daughter.

In the course of treatment for prostate cancer, Mark had an usual "spirit animal" come into his life for inspiration.  Sparky the Vulture became a popular visitor in our Radiation Oncology department. Learn more about how our oncologists, radiation therapists, and Sparky helped him through his cancer journey.

Cancer survivor Dawn MacArthur has shared her story at our United in Wellness Cancer Walk and contributed to our newest radio spot.