Work Related Injury / Illness

Work related injuries are managed in our clinic during regualr business hours and through the Exeter Hospital Emergency Department (ED) during off hours.  We collaborate with our ED staff to ensure consistent management of work related injury any time of day or night.

The best way to minimize the risks of work related injuries is to get the best treatment, as soon as possible, by health care professionals that understand the workers' compensation system.

Our goal is to maintain continuity of care for the injured worker and consistent communication with the employer to get your employee back to work safely.  COEH can facilitate treatment, communication, substance testing as well and direct access to more than 100 specialists including Physiatry, Orthopedics / Hand/Back/Shoulder, General Surgeons, Podiatry, Neurology, and more.

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Workers' Compensation Care Coordinator Line:  (603)580-6023

Bone & Joints (Orthopedics)

Whether you're an athlete looking to return to competition or you need help resuming daily activities impacted by bone and joint problems, our orthopedists are here to help.  We are a group of highly skilled surgeons and physicians experienced in the latest diagnostic techniques and treatment options available for bone, joint, and muscle injuries and disorders.

Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at Exeter Hospital

There are many reasons for seeking quality outpatient rehabilitation.  You or a family member may need a short course of physical, occupational or speech therapy due to illness or injury.  For some conditions, a coordinated approach involving several therapies or specialty services is required.  Whatever your rehabilitation need, Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation can provide you with expert services.

Rehab Locations