The Outpatient Surgery Center was designed around the philosophy of an efficient, less stressful environment. All services are in close proximity to allow 'one stop service' for the patient. These include laboratory, X-Ray and EKG. Our goal is to be patient and family friendly. We welcome family members to remain with patients until the time of their surgery.

Pre-Procedure Instructions

da Vinci Xi Surgical System


Exeter Hospital has acquired the newest and most advanced da Vinci Xi Surgical System, the latest innovation in precision robotic surgery. The da Vinci technology enables surgeons to operate with minimal incisions, and the tiny instruments have a greater range of motion than a human hand, enabling more precise movements to ensure the best possible patient outcomes. A number of surgeons from general surgery as well as obstetrics/gynecology and urology will use the da Vinci system for surgeries. Additionally, we are using an Integrated Table Motion Bed, which connects and works seamlessly with the surgical technology.

Our surgeons have years of experience in advanced and laparoscopic surgeries, and the da Vinci technology is another opportunity to advance the level of surgical care they can provide to patients who meet the criteria for robotic-assisted surgery. The surgical team also benefits from several nurses who have experience working with robotic surgery at other facilities.

Our robotic surgery program is being led by Antonio Gargiulo, MD, who is also the medical director at Exeter Hospital’s Center for Reproductive Care. Dr. Gargiulo has also been the medical director of robotic surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston since 2012.

Exeter Hospital also invested in the most sophisticated surgical simulation equipment available to support the training and procedure-based credentialing of our expert surgeons.

Taking care of our patients is never more important than at our Pediatric Outpatient Surgery Center. That is why our staff is committed to making each visit to Exeter Hospital, Inc. as comfortable and stress-free as possible for both children and parents.Watch the Pediatric Surgery Video

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