The mission of Exeter Health Resources is to improve the health of the
community.  This mission will be accomplished without compromising
Exeter Health Resources' sustainability, principally by supporting the provision of health
services and information to the community by the affiliated companies of Exeter
Health Resources.


Exeter Health Resources will be recognized as a catalyst advancing its affiliated
Companies’ impact on improving community health.


The common values that Exeter Health Resources and its affiliates hold as central to the success of their staffs, and therefore their missions, include:

  • Respect for the individual and a recognition of the collective power of individuals working together.
  • Creativity and optimism as essential ingredients of a better future.
  • Integrity and compassion as a basis of positive human relationships.
  • Initiative and flexibility as abilities necessary to thrive in changing times.
  • Commitment to superior customer satisfaction.
  • Providing services that are efficient and high quality.