How Can Cardiac Rehab Benefit You?
  • Recognize symptoms of cardiac disease and when to seek medical attention
  • Reduce your risk factors and chances of future heart attack
  • Improve your endurance with activities and improve your confidence in resuming an active lifestyle
  • Begin a home exercise program designed to fit your needs
  • Return to your regular work and other activities you enjoy
  • Work toward your ideal body weight through physical activity and improved nutrition

In Hospital:

Education regarding how to modify your lifestyle to reduce your cardiovascular risk factors and manage your cardiac disease is begun by the cardiac rehab nurse specialist in the hospital at the time of your cardiac event.  A consult with a registered dietician provides nutritional counseling about heart healthy eating and food choices.

Phase II

A 4-12 week out-patient program  which  begins upon hospital discharge to help strengthen your heart and return to your regular daily activities.    Telemetry monitored exercise is provided   to monitor heart rate and rhythm throughout the exercise sessions.  A personalized program  will be designed to improve  cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength and endurance based upon your medical history, current ability and goals.  Providing a supportive environment, the classes are supervised by a  cardiac rehab nurse  specialist and clinical exercise specialist.

Education is an important component of Cardiac Rehab and will help you learn and feel  confident  about  the long-term management of  your cardiac disease and how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Group education classes include:

  • Cardiac disease and risk factor management
  • Medications
  • Stress management
  • Benefits of exercise and exercise program development
  • Nutrition—provided by registered dietician to help you learn healthy food choices while shopping and dining out and overall healthy eating
  • Individual consult with a registered dietician to find a eating plan right for you
  • Individualized smoking cessation counseling

Cardiac Wellness

This out-patient program focuses on physical fitness and wellness through exercise in a supervised setting for up to three months.  Sessions   include continued exercise and education for Phase II graduates  seeking continued support for long-term compliance to cardiovascular and risk factor management.

This program is also available to any individual seeking a supervised environment for the development of an exercise program;  healthy  individuals interested in preventing heart disease and those seeking assistance with the management of their blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and weight.   Education and support regarding  lifestyle changes for improved  overall health and fitness is provided. 

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