We have made a commitment to help people with diabetes live healthier lives. Whether you or a loved one have been newly diagnosed or have been living with diabetes for a long time, the HealthReach Diabetes, Endocrine & Nutrition Center (HDENC) offers the support and services you need. 

NOTE: Core Endocrinology Office has moved to Stratham.  HealthReach Diabetes Endocrine and Nutrition Center will remain at our location 881 Lafayette Road in Hampton.

HealthReach Diabetes, Endocrine, and Nutrition Center

HealthReach Diabetes is the Exeter Hospital's outpatient diabetes care center. We are located on Route 1 (Lafayette Road) in Hampton, NH. Our team of diabetes educators strives to help patients and their support people live well with diabetes.

Comprehensive, convenient diabetes education and training is provided through individual consultations, group education classes, insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring programs, the diabetes fitness program, and community education.

Better control of blood sugar levels leads to better outcomes, whether measured by higher energy levels or avoidance of eye disease, kidney disease, foot problems and the other complications of diabetes.  Dr. Mini Mahata works as a member of a larger care team which includes educators, dietitians, nurses, exercise technicians and your primary physician.

HDENC is certified by the American Diabetes Association. For more information about our services please contact us at (603)580-6668.

Diabetes Support Group

Learn more about diabetes. Each session will discuss the different aspects and challenges of living with diabetes and what you need to know to manage your diabetes. Click here to view downloadable schedule.

Diabetes Fitness Program

The Diabetes Fitness Program offered at the Cardiovascular Rehab/Wellness Department at Exeter Hospital is a supervised exercise/education program targeting those with a diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes.   As an active participant in this fitness program, you will learn how to exercise safely and receive education regarding effective lifetime management of your diabetes. The sessions are take place in three months, provided by a registered nurse and exercise specialist whom work in conjunction with the services provided by the Healthreach Diabetes, Endocrine and Nutrition Center.

Individuals may be referred directly by their physicians or self-referred (a referral will be sent to your Health care provider by the program staff).  For more information, please call the Cardiovascular Rehabilitation/Wellness Services, 580-6149.

Registered dietitians and nurses certified in diabetes education are available for one-on-one consultations to help you determine the best plan of action to manage your diabetes.

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