Clinical Trials Program

The clinical trials program at Exeter Hospital allows our patients to participate in cutting-edge research without having to travel to Boston or Dartmouth.  The Center for Cancer Care currently offers several national and global studies sponsored by the National Cancer Institute.

Our clinical trials focus on new treatments, evaluating whether a new treatment is safe, effective, and possibly better than the current (standard) treatment. The studies evaluate new drugs, different combinations of existing treatments, new approaches to radiation therapy or surgery, and new methods of treatment. Patients who participate in clinical trials are often among the first to receive new treatments before they are widely available.

Your care team will be happy to discuss clinical trials with you as part of your overall treatment plan.  If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, talk with your oncologist. He or she can let you know if there are trials available for your type of cancer either here or in a larger cancer center. Participating in a clinical trial is voluntary. You will receive all the care and treatment that we can provide in the Center for Cancer Care regardless of whether or not you participate in a trial.

For more information about clinical trials, contact Julie Bushey, MSN, RN at (603) 580-6148 or

Click here to learn more about our current clinical trials.