Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

At Exeter Hospital Rehabilitation Services

Urinary incontinence (loss of bladder control) is not normal at any age and should not be left untreated. Vaginal birth or treatments for conditions such as prostate surgery may result in incontinence or pelvic pain. The American Urology Association recommends conservative treatment such as the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor muscle, before considering medication or surgery.


Diagnoses treated by Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Providers:
  • Female and male stress or urge urinary incontinence.
  • Female and male nocturia (frequent urination at night) and over-active bladder.
  • Female and male fecal incontinence.
  • Constipation and voiding issues due to muscle or soft tissue dysfunction.
  • Pelvic pain including nerve pain, post radiation tightness or muscle spasm and pain with intercourse.
  • Pregnancy and post-partum issues including injury to ligaments or joints, recovery after a cesarean section, muscle and joint pain, leg cramps and edema, back and neck pain, tingling in hands or feet, diastasis recti, restoring strength and fitness level and increasing comfort after delivery.


Physical Therapy for Treatment of Urinary Incontinence Includes:
  • Education on the role of the pelvic floor, how to identify and use the right muscle, including use of EMG biofeedback or electrical stimulation.
  • Education on proper voiding habits and how to identify and correct muscle dysfunction.
  • Identification of which foods or fluids affect bladder function through use of a bladder diary.
  • Manual therapy and exercise aimed at pelvic stability to address musculoskeletal dysfunctions of the lower back, pelvis and hips.
  • Abdominal muscle re-training to promote proper healing and improve core stabilization after injury, surgery or childbirth.

Rehabilitation services require a physician prescription. To schedule an appointment in Exeter call 603-778-6548 or fax orders to 603-580-6671.  For more information, call 603-778-6548 and ask to speak with a pelvic floor therapist.