The Workers’ Compensation Center

Injuries in the workplace can cause unexpected disruptions to the employee’s life and the employer’s business, and the Workers’ Compensation paperwork can be difficult to navigate.  We believe that a coordinated team approach prevents delays in care leading to a quicker return to work and play. While receiving treatment anywhere within our system of care - Occupational Health, Orthopedics, Primary Care, Rehab or Diagnostic Services - our Workers’ Compensation Center (WCC) serves as a single point of contact for employees, employers, payers, case managers and medical providers. 

Meet our team

The Center for Occupational and Employee Health (COEH) clinic includes a team of certified occupational health nurses and medical providers.

Lisa Worden BSN, RN is a Certified Occupational Health Nurse/Case Manager who works closely with the healthcare team to help identify and mitigate obstacles that may interfere or delay recovery. She facilitates communication by acting as a liaison between physicians, the patient and other WC stakeholders. 

Kim Gorman-Topitzer is the team’s Workers Compensation Specialist. Kim keeps cases moving by ensuring payers have the medical information they need to make decisions about treatment, and employers have the information they need to help the employee get back to workplace. Kim promptly obtains approvals and schedules recommended testing and treatment for the recovering employee.  

Lisa and Kim, together with our treating providers, are committed to promoting patients’ earliest return to function through timely coordination of care and regular communications. Our WCC serves as one point of contact for all aspects of Workers’ Compensation. 

Lisa Worden, RN, COHN/CM phone: 603-580-6349 

Kim Gorman-Topitzer phone: 603-580-6023

Fax: 603-580-6579

The Center for Occupational and Employee Health and The Center for Orthopedics and Movement