Home Health Care: Promoting independence in your own home. 

At Rockingham VNA & Hospice we are proud to provide skilled care to all adults (18+) wherever you call home, whether it’s your home, family's home, hotel or an assisted living facility. Our dedicated team of professionals work with you and your doctor to develop an individualized plan of care that will promote your wellness and help you to be as independent as possible. Your doctor may order a nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, dietitian, home health aide or a social worker to help in your recovery. 
Licensed Therapists and Nutritionist
Medical Social Workers
Behavioral Health
Home Health Aids


Our nurses help you manage and learn more about your chronic illness. They receive extensive training in chronic disease management; diabetes, heart failure and lung diseases, and cancer. These nurses work to teach you and your caregiver how to manage your condition and become as independent as possible in your home. 

Specialist Services:

  • Certified IV Specialists

  • Certified Wound and Ostomy Specialists

  • Behavioral Health RN: Anxiety, Depression and Dementia

Licensed Therapy and Nutrition: 

Our Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists and Dietitians work closely with you and your caregiver in helping you reach your goals and regain or maintain your independence. Our goals are to increase your functional abilities and improve your quality of life to help keep you at home and out of the hospital.

Specialist Services:

  • Expert therapists to treat joint, muscle, and nerve conditions, injuries or surgeries, and speech or swallowing problems. 

  • Home safety evaluations in preparation for joint replacement surgery. 

  • Registered Dietician Nutritionist to provide education and recommendations for healing and chronic diseases management

  • Support and resources tailored to specific needs and challenges, such as swallowing assessment and cognitive deficits

Medical Social Workers

Our medical social workers address the social, economic, and emotional issues that you may experience during your illness. They provide thoughtful guidance and insight to help you meet your goals and access appropriate financial and community resources, if necessary. Medical social workers can help identify and coordinate community resources and long term planning strategies to support safe, quality care.

Behavioral Health Program

It is common for people to become depressed and/or have high anxiety when they experience a medical event, a new diagnosis, or a fall. In our program, we have multiple nurses and specialists and medical social workers specially trained to serve them. The program provides assessment, medication management, and education for patients living with anxiety, depression and dementia to help improve outcomes of care.

In addition, all staff members receive specialized education and training focused on Dementia on an annual basis.

Home Health Aids

Licensed nursing assistants provide personal care with many able to draw labs for homebound patients. This is provided as part of the plan of care and overseen by the Nurse Case Manager. 

Who pays for Homecare?

Homecare services are covered by Medicare Part A, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, most commercial insurances, Veterans Administration and Workers Compensation plans. We work directly with your insurer to preauthorize your care. (For commercial insurances and some advantage plans: there may be a co-pay similar to your co-pay for primary care or specialty care visits). Patients without insurance and in need of assistance with payment for services can contact our agency and speak with a representative from our business office.

How do I get homecare?

The Intake department will help you and your family know what to expect and what programs and resource are available to you. They will gather information and collaborate with your provider to set up services.