Health Education Programs

Health Education Programs provided by clinicians, educators, and counselors include: Adult (General) Bereavement Support Group

Provides an opportunity for those who are grieving the death of a loved one to meet in a safe, supportive environment and share with others who are also experiencing loss. Motherless Daughter Support Group

This support group allows women who have experienced this special type of loss to meet, share their emotions, and gain support from other group members.

Bereavement Services also include the following:

  • "Celebration of Life" Annual Memorial Service - Family members and friends are invited to attend this special remembrance held every spring to celebrate the lives of loved ones lost over the past year.
  • Bereavement Training
  • Bereavement Volunteers
  • Grief educational materials
  • Community Resource information
  • Workshops such as "Grief in the Workplace"

Ostomy Support Group

A support group for individuals with any type of intestinal or urinary diversion is also available, and is facilitated by an ostomy nurse.

To register for the ostomy support group or for more information, please call (603)580-6668

Community Diabetes Support Groups

Learn more about diabetes. Each session will discuss the different aspects and challenges of living with diabetes and what you need to know to manage your diabetes.
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Foot Clinics

April 29, 2021- At this time Ostomy, Diabetes Support Groups and Community footcare clinics are on hold.