Better Choices, Better Health Workshop

14 January 2020,
Epping Regional Health Center
212 Calef Highway
Epping, NH
Wednesdays - 1/14/2020 to 2/18/2020

Are you an adult with an ongoing health condition?

Are you taking care of someone, an adult or a child, with ongoing

physical, developmental, or mental health conditions?

Better Choices, Better Health workshops provide tools

you can use to:

  • Set and meet personal goals
  • Develop skills that empower you to…
  • Improve communication with family members and with your health care team
  • Increase your confidence in your ability to manage your health or the health of a loved one
For more information or to enroll in a Better Choices, Better health self-managment workshop, please call the Exeter Hospital Information & Referral Center at 603-580-6668.