Pathologists are physicians who diagnose cancer and other diseases by the examination of tissues or cells that are obtained from patients by biopsy, excision, or other means of sampling.Further intervention and therapy is based upon each patients diagnosis. When definitive surgical procedures are performed to treat a cancer, the pathologist is involved once again in examining the specimen to determine the extent of the disease. This is important in determining which additional therapies may be necessary.

Pathologists play a central role in the hospital’s weekly tumor board, where each patient’s cancer is confidentially reviewed in a multi-specialty setting to discuss the optimal treatment of that patient’s particular condition. Our pathologists are certified by the American Board of Pathology in both Anatomic and Clinical Pathology.

Here at Exeter Hospital, our Pathologists work closely with our primary care physicians, surgeons and radiologists to accurately diagnose cancers.

Meet our pathologists:

Jeannine Ritchie, MD, Director

Kaidi Mikhitarian, MD

Hagen Blaszyk, MD

David Gray, MD

Michael Jones, MD