Radiation Therapy Staff

Jonathan Jackson, Ph.D. Nolan Gagne, Ph.D.


Qualified medical physicists work directly with the physician in the planning and delivery of radiation treatment. They oversee the work of the dosimetrist, and help ensure that complex treatments are properly tailored for each patient. The physicists are responsible for developing and directing quality control programs for equipment and procedures. They are responsible for making sure the equipment works properly. Medical radiation physicists also take precise measurements of radiation beam characteristics and complete other safety tests on a regular basis. They are certified by the American Board of Radiology or the American Board of Medical Physics.



Dosimetrists carefully calculate the dose of radiation to ensure the tumor gets the proper amount of radiation. They develop a number of treatment plans that can best destroy the tumor while sparing the normal tissues. Many of these treatment plans are very complex. Dosimetrists work with the physician and the medical physicist to choose the appropriate treatment plan for each patient.


Radiation Therapists

The radiation therapist administers radiation treatments to the patient. The board certified radiation therapist performs CT simulations and delivers radiation treatments as prescribed by the radiation oncologist. The radiation therapist must be proficient in the use of state of the art treatment equipment including linear accelerators, simulators, CT scanners and computerized record and verify equipment.

Radiation Therapists in the CT Control Room