Evaluation and Training

For most people, driving is an essential activity, keeping you connected to the people and events that bring meaning.  When age, disease or injury affects your ability to drive, your personal freedom and independence are affected.

Exeter Hospital's DriveAbility Program provides comprehensive driver rehabilitation that provides the opportunity for you to regain or maintain your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and keep your independence. 

You may benefit from the DriveAbility Program if you have a condition or disability such as:

Acquired Head Injury Guillain-Barre
Aging Geriatric Hemiplegia
Amputation Learning Disabilities
Aneurysm Multiple Sclerosis
Arthritis Paraplegia
Aspergers Parkinson's Disease
Cerebral Vascular Accident Post Polio Syndrome
Cognitive Deficits Quadraplegia
Dementia Spina Bifida
Dwarfism Visual Impairments
Hearing Impairments  

Comprehensive Clinical Driving Assessment

An Occupational Therapist with specialized training in driver rehabilitation administers a comprehensive clinical driving assessment.  The clinical assessment includes:

  • Motor skills and reaction time
  • Vision
  • Decision making
  • Memory
  • Logical reasoning
  • Topographical orientation
  • Knowledge / application of trafic rules and regulations
*As of October 1, 2018 our fees for evaluation are $600. If you are a self pay client your fees will be discounted 20% which will bring your cost down to $480.

Behind the Wheel Assessment

The behind the wheel assessment is administered by a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist and identifies a driver's strengths and weaknesses.  The assessment includes:

  • Vehicle orientation
  • Independent pre-drive set up
  • Driver positioning
  • Parking
  • Lane positioning
  • Attention
  • Turning
  • Speed control
  • Application of traffic rules
  • Ability to learn new skills

Based on the outcome of both of these assessments, recommendations are made about new driving strategies, specialized equipment needs and training that may improve your driving safety.

Measuring for Vehicle Modification

This assessment will assist in making correct vehicle modifications for client transport to ensure safety and comfort.