Driver Rehabilitation & Training Services 

The DriveAbility program provides evaluations, education and training that allow people of all abilities to gain or regain the ability to drive.   An Occupational Therapist with specialized training in driver rehabilitation administers a comprehensive clinical driving assessment and behind the wheel assessment.

The clinical assessment includes:

  • Motor skills
  • Vision
  • Reaction Time
  • Cognitive skills
  • Perceptual Skills

The behind the wheel assessment includes:

  • Vehicle orientation
  • Parking
  • Lane positioning
  • Attention
  • Turning
  • Speed control
  • Application of traffic rules
  • Ability to learn new skills

Based on the outcome of both of these assessment, recommendations are made about new driving strategies, specialize equipment needs and training that may improve your driving safety.

Whether it is learning how to drive for the first time or relearning how to drive with the use of adaptive equipment this unique program may be helpful to you, a friend or a family member.  For more information about our programs call us at (603)580-7927.

DriveAbility in the news: Listen to this NH Public Radio story on safe driving for seniors.  CLICK HERE

DriveAbility Program at Exeter Hospital is a commercial New Hampshire driving school offering new drivers of all ages quality driver education.

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For most people, driving is an essential activity, keeping you connected to the people and events that bring meaning.  When age, disease or injury affects your ability to drive, your personal freedom and independence are affected.

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