Bereavement Services & Grief Support Groups

The death of a loved one leaves behind feelings of loss which give way to deep pain. Working through the pain is what is called grief work. Although no two experiences are the same, we do know that it is a process that all must go through. Reactions, though typical, will differ for each person and vary in degree, intensity and duration.

It is the goal of the Bereavement Program of Rockingham Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice to help those who have experienced loss understand and normalize their feelings of grief. It is with this purpose that bereavement support groups are offered.

These groups, which are open to the public and free of charge, are held for a six-week period of time and are offered several times a year.


Molly Brewer, BA
Bereavement Services Coordinator


Molly Brewer, provides bereavement support in private residences, nursing homes, hospitals, support groups and workshops so that grief can be expressed in a healthy context. 

Adult (General) Bereavement Support Group

Provides an opportunity for those who are grieving the death of a loved one to meet in a safe, supportive environment and share with others who are also experiencing loss.

Motherless Daughter Support Group

This support group allows women who have experienced this special type of loss to meet, share their emotions, and gain support from other group members.


Bereavement Services offered at Rockingham Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice also include the following:

  • “Celebration of Life” Annual Memorial Service - Family members and friends are invited to attend this special remembrance held every spring to celebrate the lives of loved ones lost over the past year.
  • Bereavement Training
  • Bereavement Volunteers
  • Grief educational materials
  • Community Resource information
  • Workshops such as “Grief in the Workplace”

A Spray of Apple Blossom

A spray of apple blossom,
Transient in life’s journey,
Blooming with the grace of nature,
Bearing fruit with the fullness of time.
A spray of kindred spirits,
Gentle hands along life’s path,
Sharing a journey of trust and faith,
Bearing the fruit of Hospice hope.


For further information about Bereavement Services, please call Molly Brewer, Rockingham VNA & Hospice Bereavement Coordinator at 1-800-540-2981.