Exeter Hospital Center for Cancer Care
Working together with
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

 The Center for Cancer Care at Exeter Hospital provides cancer patients and their families with comprehensive, inpatient and outpatient oncology services in partnership with the nationally recognized Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center.

Accredited by the American College of Surgeon’s Commission on Cancer for achieving national benchmarks in quality care, the Center for Cancer Care offers leading Massachusetts General Hospital radiation oncologists and medical oncologists/hematologists onsite along with convenient access to Mass General's world-renowned cancer specialists and research. In addition to consistently being ranked as having one of the top cancer centers, Massachusetts General Hospital was selected as the #1 hospital in America by US News & World Report in 2012.

Comprehensive services provided at the Center for Cancer Care include radiation oncology, medical oncology/hematology and surgical oncology. Additional services, all offered onsite at Exeter Hospital include multidisciplinary clinics for breast, prostate and lung cancers, a nurse navigator to guide patients through the treatment and recovery process and genetic counseling and testing with a Mass General genetic counselor.

All cancer services are delivered with the individualized care and compassion Exeter Hospital has been nationally recognized for providing to its patients.

To learn more about the Center for Cancer Care at Exeter Hospital, call 603-580-7336.

Panos Fidias, MD
Director of Medical Oncology/Hematology

Gary Proulx, MD
Director of Radiation Oncology

Jane Peterson
Administrative Director of Oncology

Surgical Oncology


Surgery is a critical component of cancer care. Cancer treatment most often cannot begin unless a surgical biopsy has been performed to confirm the diagnosis. Some patients can be cured with a surgical procedure alone, but most require surgery in combination with either chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or both.


At Exeter Hospital, our affiliated surgeons work collaboratively with affiliated pathologists, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists to develop the most comprehensive treatment plans for our patients. And our medical staff works to ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout your procedure.


Surgical interventions are provided for the following specific diagnoses:

Medical Hematology/Oncology


Medical Hematology/Oncology refers to the treatment of cancer and certain blood disorders with medicines, as opposed to surgery or radiation. In some situations, these medicines are used in conjunction with surgery and radiation therapy. Medical Hematology/Oncology services provide chemotherapy treatment, immunotherapy, and treatment for blood disorders.


The Center for Cancer Care at Exeter Hospital is proud to have a relationship with the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center for the provision of Medical Hematology/Oncology services to our patients. Leading Hematologists/Oncologists from the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center provide physician leadership and treat patients right at Exeter Hospital.  The physicians meet individually with each patient to discuss their diagnosis and an appropriate course of treatment. Following the physician visit, the patient will participate in educational sessions with the oncology nurse prior to the initiation of treatment. During treatment, the patient can relax in our comfortable infusion area where nurses and assistants are available to administer their medications and address their needs.


 You can reach us by calling (603)580-7336.

Radiation Oncology


Our Radiation Oncology Department houses some of the most technologically advanced radiation therapy equipment currently available in the region. This equipment allows our staff to carefully plan and deliver sophisticated radiation therapy treatment with high precision.


The Center for Cancer Care at Exeter Hospital is proud to have a relationship with the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center for radiation oncology services.  Leading radiation oncologists from the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center provide physician leadership and treat patients right at Exeter Hospital.


Approximately half of all cancer patients will receive radiation therapy at some time during their care. Radiation therapy can sometimes be used instead of surgery, and is often the preferred treatment for a number of cancers including cancer of the larynx, prostate, breast, brain, lung, and mouth. In many situations, radiation therapy is given following surgery, which may not have completely removed all tumor tissue. Radiation therapy is also very effective at controlling local symptoms caused by cancer, such as pain from the spread of cancer into the bone.


If you require radiation therapy, our staff will work with you, your family, and your medical team to make the treatment as stress-free as possible.  You can reach us by calling (603)580-7337.

Support / Articles 

At the Center for Cancer Care, we believe support is an important component of the care and recovery of our patients and their families. Several programs are available to support individuals throughout all aspects of their cancer experience.